We specialise in recording and documenting life stories

Oral History, Family History, Life Stories, Life Reviews, Memoirs, Workshops

Family Trees, Documentaries, Business and Organisation Biographies and Histories

Commemorative Books Celebrating Special Occasions

preserving them as archival quality books

because everyone has a story to tell
Storytelling is the time honoured practice where culture and tradition are passed on from person to person, generation to generation, within communities and beyond, to enrich and inform future generations. Life stories are important to our sense of identity and continuity. Oral histories are authentic historical documents that are part of our cultural heritage. The personal knowledge and life experience captured through telling life stories are integral to the collective memory of our families, communities and organisations. Life stories provide a dynamic link that connects us all.

Storytelling Productions will professionally and confidentially:

  • interview you about your life and write your life story as your own personal narrative
  • produce the history of your business or organisation, documenting your growth, expertise and knowledge
  • produce a beautifully designed and bound archival quality book - a superb commemorative document - that will be passed on for future generations to enjoy
  • assist you with writing, editing, proofreading, design and layout, graphics and photographs, printing and bookbinding in either hard or soft covers
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